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Updates on what’s happening around the yard.


The word of the week is SPACING! Along with our plantings, we’ve been spacing in the greenhouses (GH#7, GH#3 and soon in GH#2). It’s important to space our plants so they have room to grow nice and full without competing against each other. If they have to compete, they become leggy and undesirable. We’re also starting to bring in some great nursery stock. Starting this coming week (April 13th) we will have plenty to browse. Our mulches and soils are in: Cedar, Hemlock, Pine, Black, Loam and Compost. Since the weather is supposed to break in the next few days (fingers crossed!!!) we’re looking forward to seeing new and returning faces!

Maggie and Sam helping us space in GH#3
Maggie and Sam helping us space in GH#3


As most New Englanders are hoping for, things are starting to pick up for the season, you can tell by just listening to the birds! We’ve started planting and growing annuals in three of our greenhouses. So far we have our beautiful geraniums planted, our cheery pansies, and a variety of annuals in hanging baskets.

Geraniums in Greenhouse #7
Geraniums in Greenhouse #7, 2013

We’re definitely getting back into the swing of things. For all you planners, now is the perfect time to reflect on previous years and make landscaping goals for the coming season. If you have any questions please contact us via e-mail, telephone, or just stop by! There’s nothing like a good ol’ face to face conversation!