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Salt Tolerant Plants

While this topic is still “fresh” in our minds, let’s talk about salt tolerant plants and some ways to cope with salt that always comes during the winter months.
It’s important to keep this topic in mind during the start of the season while your planning new additions or changes to your landscape. Will you be planting close to the road? How about along the driveway? Or even your walkway? Below is a list of salt tolerant perennials, annuals, trees and shrubs…but wait…what if you don’t have plants along these ways, but grass? Here’s a tip that may help you: Gypsum.
Spreading gypsum on these problem areas will help rejuvenate your lawn from the winter salt. Gypsum dislodges salt and restores soil structure. So during the season, or in the fall, use a spreader and cover these areas. Lightly water after you’ve spread.

Salt Tolerant Perennials:
Astilbe, Brunnera, Balloon Flower, Barrenwort, Basket of Gold, Bleeding Heart, Bugbane, Bugleweed, Candytuft, Lobelia, Astilbe_ShadeColumbine, Coral Bells, Cushion Spurge, Daylily, Baptisia, Tiarella, Foxglove, Gas Plant, Globe Thistle, Goldenrod, Hosta, Iris, Jacob’s Ladder, Lamb’s Ear, Helleborus, Lily of the Valley, Meadow Rue, Aster, Mantauk Daisy, Catmint, Peony, Vinca, Pinks, Poppy, Salvia, Snow in Summer, Veronica, Pachysandra, Sedum, Armeria, Thyme, Coreopsis, Viola, Anemone, Artemesia, and Yarrow.

Salt Tolerant Annuals:
Mums, Dianthus, Gazania, Gladiolus, Petunia, Portulaca, and Zinnia.

Salt Tolerant Trees & Shrubs:
Arrowwood ViburIMG_0018 (300x400)num, Colorado Spruce, Inkberry, Juniper, Northern Bayberry, Rosa Rugosa, Virginia Creeper, Paper Birch, and Willow.

Don’t see a plant on here that you’re curious about? Send us a line and we’ll help you out!


Aerial View of Front Mats
Aerial View of Front Mats

Hi All! Its hard to believe it, but our busy bees are setting up for Fall! The mums are sized up and looking stunning, and we have deliveries coming in this week and next for all of those autumn goodies that we look forward to when the weather gets cooler.  Here’s an update on what we have in store now…
In Store:                                                                    Coming Soon:
MUMS!                                                                     Bulbs
Pumpkins                                                                 Sugar Pumpkins
Gourds                                                                       Indian Corn
Scarecrows & Décor
Custom Planters
Cold weather veggies
Hay Bales
Trees & Shrubs



As most New Englanders are hoping for, things are starting to pick up for the season, you can tell by just listening to the birds! We’ve started planting and growing annuals in three of our greenhouses. So far we have our beautiful geraniums planted, our cheery pansies, and a variety of annuals in hanging baskets.

Geraniums in Greenhouse #7
Geraniums in Greenhouse #7, 2013

We’re definitely getting back into the swing of things. For all you planners, now is the perfect time to reflect on previous years and make landscaping goals for the coming season. If you have any questions please contact us via e-mail, telephone, or just stop by! There’s nothing like a good ol’ face to face conversation!